8 Sessions Rehabilitation Program
& 12 weeks of strength & conditioning program
for New Moms

Why Rehabilitation?

Keep health during tough mommy days.
Get ready your body for weight loss.  

  • Do you have low back/ hip pain during pregnancy ?

  • Were you in special condition during pregnancy

  • Would you like lose baby weight with out fitness injury or dangerous dieting?

  • C-section?

This program is perfect for new moms


THE Class for New Moms

Recover faster! Lose baby weight without fitness injury!

This program is FUN, SAFE and effective fitness class for New Moms. Easy to adapt and execute with your own pace & decision for fitness beginners.

Simply focus on 5 things,

  • Recover from child birth

  • Get ready your body for lose baby weight

  • Basic strength and core area

  • Healthy nutrition and easy recipe
    for busy mom

  • Mind health

Lifestyle Modification

Not only fitness. You will learn how to implement healthy lifestyle 

Lifestyle modification is very important to keep you and your family healthy.   

Also, Lifestyle Modification is powerful tool for weight loss. 

You just need to execute an easy plan and  progress lifestyle with own pace. 

We Meet Once A Week 

We know how busy moms are! Do it with your pace.

We meet only once a week, and you execute homework plan for whole week. 


You learn what to do at meeting and do homework everyday when your baby asleep. 

Life Change program!
(Not  just a "right -now change")

We are the life changers!


Mami is the perfect trainer for new moms wanting to lose baby weight or recover abdominal strength after a c-section. She knows so much about how your body needs to recover from pregnancy and works at a good pace to prevent injury. After a month I already see improvement in my strength and stamina, and the best part is that I can bring my baby!
Lee F. Tuscaloosa, AL

“I started with 176 pounds and size 14 in pants, and now I'm down to a size 10 and 140 pounds in 2 months!! I feel awesome, confident and pretty! ”

Anna Maria S. Tuscaloosa, AL

It is your turn!