Your body


Stay Young & Good Looking 
with Our HIIT & YOGA Program


TOO BUSY for Exercise but wanna lose weight?
Short exercise & Stress management program for busy collage life  


Cobra Brazilian Jiu-Jistu on 15th St. Tuscaloosa
AIR CONDITIONED, Changing room Available


$100 / Month, Walk in welcome ($15) 
FREE First Trial


Monday, Wednesday & Friday 8:40 am 
Class is about 40 min. long



Mami Shields MS.
NASM- Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist,
ACE- Weight Management Specialist

NATABOC Certified Athletic Trainer

I Lost 15 lbs of body fat within 8 weeks!! (15 lbs of body fat is the same as 15 of medium size of grapefruits) I enjoy shopping new clothes and spending time with friends.
"Mami is not only a great trainer but super supportive! Her company is very encouraging and practically therapeutic. Worth EVERY penny :)
RECOMMEND TO ANY Adult/ College girl anywhere that wants to make a significant lifestyle change with exercise"

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