Life Changers "LIVE"

Hey! Tuscaloosa Fitness Beginners!!
This is a perfect challenge for you!

✔Is it getting hard to lose weight?
Even you try something, Your weight is not  moving at all, or gain back quickly.

✔Are Simple tasks become difficult? walking became difficult.

Walking short distances give you short of breath

✔Are you fighting with food & hunger?

Always looking for something to eat. Always hungry...

✔Does fatigue or pain interrupt your activity?

Wake up with tired feeling. No energy. Unknown Joint pain


✔Tired of a strict diet and counting food? 

Super good at first, then start cheating & skipping exercise...REPEAT...,

Lose some weight but always ended up regaining..

Is that sounds like you?

Therapeutic Exercise is perfect for you...

Therapeutic exercise; Easy exercise and lifestyle modification for people who had have sedentary, under stress and/or suffer from medical condition(s) 

However, their condition is above post-physical therapy fitness level (established one's ability for daily living level), below athletic fitness level.

Hey, I’m Mami.

I am a “Clinic to Fitness” Trainer
and weight loss coach for Ladies.

You know what? You are not alone. I was there. I had been overweight, and underweight. End up with gaining more weight after dieting. I have a chronic low back injury which limited my activity and fitness. I pushed myself to edge with strict dieting and cardio, but I realized I was completely wasting time...


During the last several years, I have finally found pieces of puzzle with both exercise and nutrition for special condition, It have helped not only myself, but helped many local ladies do the same. 


 It is absolute mission and passion in life to show ladies that they can reach their goals in sustainable way and without extreme diet methods AND without staying gym long long hours.

Now you just need to believe in yourself



This is the one of the hardest parts for Lifestyle transformation. But, This program has the best system to keep your motivation and build your accountability.

WHAT You Expect in This Program

  • Learn effective exercise 

  • Learn easy healthy tips

  • Reduce # of cholesterol/ triglyceride in your blood.

  • Blood Pressure will stay normal range

  • Transform body shape

  • Lose body fat weight

  • Gain muscle mass 

  • Reduce Pain

Life change experience

(not “just now change”)

No more...

X Extreme dieting

X Long cardio exercise

X Completely Give up your favorite food

X Question if you do right exercise??

X Burn out before you see the results



Simple and easy workout

Healthy habit that fit into your lifestyle

Feel and visual progress

You can eat out!

Be social and enjoy food

Reach to your goal!

✔ FUN!!!

Our goal is

"Lifestyle re-modeling" to improve your health.

You learn proper exercise, nutrition & stress management.

Get You OUT From
"lose-gain- repeat" Cycle! 


lower blood glucose

I had let life events sideline
because of my condition.

experienced an overall better well being- mentally but physically as well.

my stress was reduced and my chronic pain was better!!


Lost more than 50 lbs!

This program helped me lose weight and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

I would recommend this program to anyone wants to improve their lifestyle in a comfortable and encouraging 


Take care my Lower back pain!

I learned that I can do it! and it feels good to see yourself getting stronger and in better shape.

I love the fact that the class is small and you get lots of personal attention.

Now It is Your Turn,
welcome to my program.

  • Tuscaloosa location: Cobra BJJ on 15th st.

11 am every Monday& Wednesday $120/month

  • Moundville Location: Moundville Community Activity Center on 69S

6 PM every Tuesday & Thursday $120/month

  • Sunday Afternoon "LIVE" : Tuscaloosa location $70/month

You have the key to open this NEW door!

Fill out online application

Start NOW!

Get your life back!

Imagine… when you get up in the morning filled with energy,

And, so you can spend time with your friends & family,

And, you have energy to play with your kids/grand-baby.

So you see their smiley faces that make you happy.


Imagine… if you don’t need to take a lot of medication any more…

So you can spend that money for something/ Someone else.

And, so you have bunch more extra things that you dreamed of

So you feel great and your heart start dancing like ten years ago.


Imagine… if your body is transformed

And so you can eat without worry about sugar count

And so you go trip without interrupting plans

And so you enjoy shopping new dress, & going out

And your friend jealous you look’ n good

And, so you have more confident yourself and


Isn't that NICE?

Hey, Here is  your VIP INTENSIVE
“LIFE CHANGE” program invitation
with bonuses!!


Fit Your Lifestyle for Ladies
Local class


100% guarantee

I stand behind my program 100%. I am so confident that my program will work for you that I guarantee it 100% or your money back.*

I can't wait to make you one of my next success stories and celebrate your goal with you!!!

Get discount!

Refer your friends! You & your get $10 off each
 when your friend sign up!

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