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You can NOT be fit because of your busy schedule??

I know the lady's life is busy all day with everything! Getting up earlier than everyone, Making breakfast and lunch for your family, take kids to school, drive to work, multiple tasks, responsibility and pressure at work, go to the grocery store, cook dinner, pick up kids from school, take kids to after-school activities, do homework with kids...

I know you don't want to go anywhere after you got home... right? 



But think, you should have 5~10 min. during the day...could be waste your time doing SNS, watching Youtube right?
How about using the time for exercise @ home???

NO need to go Gym! Do it @ HOME!!

Use the 5~10 minutes, do exercise at home & Wish come true!
You will receive the "exercise menu" from your personal trainer ON YOUR DEVICE! You just need to execute it! 
Of course, your personal trainer will support your fitness journey. 

so, you just need to commit yourself to your goal!

Therapeutic level of exercise

This program is for fitness beginners who need help to establish a plan, who are having a sedentary lifestyle, and/or who need therapeutic level exercise for reversing type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and/or overweight. 

Your Commitment is very important

-Mami Shields; Online Personal Trainer  

Reviews from Life Changers

Get you out from Yo-yo diet!


lower blood glucose
& cholesterol level

I had let life events sideline
because of my condition.

experienced an overall better well being- mentally but physically as well.


my stress was reduced and my chronic pain was better!!


Lost more than 50 lbs!

This program helped me lose weight and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

I would recommend this program to anyone wants to improve their lifestyle in a comfortable and encouraging 


Take care my Lower back pain!

I learned that I can do it! and it feels good to see yourself getting stronger and in better shape.

I love the fact that the class is small and you get lots of personal attention.

Now, it is Your Turn!
Feel better, Move better, Live Better

Get back your quality of life!


100% Online Therapeutic exercise. 


★ custom exercise sessions

★ Self-myofascial Release technique

★ flexibility, stability & mobility exercise for stiff joint

★ Exercise without equipment @ home exercise


★ Lifestyle modification for losing BODY FAT weight

★ Check your Eating  habits and advice

★ Diet plan

★ supplements/ food recommendation for each conditions


★ meditation for relaxation and de-stress

★ mental toughness;

★ mindset for losing weight & healthy lifestyle



.Answer your question about exercise/ dieting

★ Keep your motivations

★ Update your results

★ Facebook limited group membership

 important notification via text message/ messenger

You  have the key

to open the NEW door!

Fill out online application

& get an Online consultation FREE!

Benefits of
Busy Ladies
Online Gym

  • All Come to your hand.

  • Exercise is unique & they are fit for your condition and goal.

  • Do it Anywhere, Whenever

  • Short, Easy, Effective

  • Experienced care & support 

  • You can use an app to see your improvement