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for my family

Personal Training for Chronic Condition

Unique plans of the exercise & Nutrition/food Lifestyle
modification for your unique condition

Because you are only one of a kind.

Your exercise should be unique.


No one has the exact same lifestyle, symptoms, stress level, food habits, body composition, metabolism & fitness level.  We are all unique. Thus we need a unique way to take care.

We will find out what is trap that the cause of your problem; weight gain, joint pain or Chronic condition. 

We have one on one session without eyes from others. 

Personal Training or Small group private sessions are available

  • Weight Control for overweight individual

  • Therapeutic Exercise for chronic conditions, such as
    Type 2 diabetes, High blood pressure, high cholesterol,  

  • After discharge from a physical therapist and /or refer exercise therapy from a physician.

  • Corrective exercise for joint pain and functional movement

  • Meditation for stress or depression

  • Sports Injury recovery

  • Post child birth Recovery (Low back pain, post Cesarean Section recovery, avoid hormone dominant & gain weight, Type 2 diabetes or High blood pressure during pregnancy)

What I am not served...

  • Body building

  • Strength & Conditioning for Athletes

  • Marathon training

  • Cross fit

Busy schedule? No problem! Your session is come to your hand!