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Triglyceride score down to 117!

 I can tell a huge difference in my strength and endurance since working with Mami.
Jennifer B

Size 14 to 10 in 2 month

I started with 176 pounds and size 14 in pants, and now I'm down to 10 and 140 pounds in 2 months!! I feel awesome! 



I can play
soccer again!

I feel awesome,
confident and pretty! 

Mami is not only a great trainer but super supportive! She is very encouraging and practically therapeutic. 
RECOMMEND TO ANY Adult/ College girl anywhere that wants to make a significant lifestyle change with exercise"
Amanda B.


lost 10 lbs of body fat in 10 weeks!
BP 140/85 to 110/80!!

I am proud of myself sticking with it and viewing this as a life change, not just a right-now change.

Sarah C.


My blood pressure at the doctor was 124/72!

!it was 166/102 before

Gain muscle mass!

I have
more energy

Before starting the program I was tired all the time with no energy, strength, or muscle tone.

After being in the program, I have more energy, strength, muscle tone, flexibility and balance have all greatly improved. And The program has helped me, also in dealing with stress.

Diane H. 


I Can Do It More!

My trigger was back pain and I knew the best thing for me was to lose weight and strengthen my core.

I learned that I can do it! and It feels good to see yourself getting stronger and in better shape.

I love the fact that the class is small and you get lots of personal attention.

Cathy F.

It feels good to see yourself getting stronger
and in better shape.

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