Process food? What is it?

Watch out Process food, frozen meal, already made protein shake & soda.

Look at “Nutrient Fact” on the box what is in it.

You might see “unknown” or "unreadable" ingredients on the rebel, that means you better avoid the food.

Eat fresh & cook at home from scratch. If you are too busy to cook, cook ahead and reheat on a stove.

You know what is in your meal and fresh foods have good enzymes and minerals that you can not get from processed food or supplements and protect your body from sickness and stress.

Also, Watch out "Lite", "Low" or "no" fat, fat-free, trans-fat products, such as yogurt, milk, margarine, dressing.

And “sugar-free” or “Diet” products that contain artificial sweetener and products contain High fructose corn syrup.

Those processed foods are recommended since 1990th. We are educated about those foods as "healthy" food. However, Studies and research found out, those fake foods are not only causes of cancer, but also damage your liver, cardiovascular system (Slows down metabolism) and/or hormonal production systems.

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