Mommy Want Her Body Back 2

So, what I did wrong...

While pregnancy, our body changing a lot including body weight, shape, body balance and hormone balance. Some people might had acute condition such as diabetes, and/or high blood pressure during pregnancy. Also some muscles around your pelvic are shorten, lengthen and/or damaged during pregnancy and delivery...And especially, muscles & brain are memorized these changes and it's stayed even after child birth until re-educated muscles and brain correctly.

Many woman (including past myself) try to get back in shape and do physical exercise and/or strict diet just like before, without correct them at first, and then hurt.

Well, I did not correct for those changes after baby that was biggest mistake and cause of injury and could not lose weight long time. Injury delays exercise, and recurrent pain when we start exercise again, delay , pain again and give up...right? not good cycle...

Dieting? We miss some ingredients to make right hormones because of Strict dieting, that will cause of not only head ache, frustration, losing lot of hair or tiredness but also gain weight from stress actually.

You, I mean your body need to learn how to balanced back from those "changes". We need to prepare our body before you start to your favorite exercise routine such as jogging, zumba, and even walking. Thus, you will smoothly get back to your work out without interrupting by injury and/or worn out feeling. Finally you will lose baby weight and stay healthy, strong, & young mommy.

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