Chose Right Sports Bras for You.

Even though, I'd have problem with my bras since I was high school kid (I played basketball), I did not concerned enough about Sports bras. Well, sports bra got popular when I was 20. However it is not like nowadays, there is no style,no size, and no different support type. I have some medium support type sports bras because that was the only choice at that time. Rater on They are so many cute styles like "low impact sports bra", but I can not image how low impact activity, those skinny straps had never support mine well. So unfortunately it is out of my selection...


One day, I started work out again and I wear my sports bra (medium support). I put that sports bra all morning. I had shoulder & neck pain that I had never had problem before. I never had injury on my shoulder and neck before either. I try to find out cause of this pain AND I start doubt the pain is because of my sports bras. I quit put the sport bra a few days, and then shoulder & neck pain is gone. I still doubt about this, but I put back on the same sports bras again, the pain came back immediately end of the day. I assume it was because the sports bra and it is because of "racer back -style".

So, I decided to switch my sports bra's strap type from "Racer-back style" to "Tank top style". Racer-back style is always medium support and up, strap is came from right behind & bottom of your neck area and separated to front area.

Tank top style is just like regular bras straps, straps are start from bra line, through both shoulder plate, on between your shoulder to neck and connected to cups .

I decided this because I though, the strap of the Racer-Back compress my bottom of my neck where our nerve and blood vessels are pass through. Every time boobs are bounce or they always against gravity, the strap press down our neck area. It is microscopic damage to neck area, but it is really uncomfortable result to us.

My tank top style sports medium support sports bras did not create the same issue. However, It is not the end of my spots bra story. I was so happy about I got tank top style bra at that time, and I need to add one more sports bra since summer time came, so I shopped. I got a "Tank top style HIGH support bras at this time. Yes, High support. Cup in it. OMG! It is much better than medium support!! Less bounce! My posture up right because of less gravity feeling! The dings of the nipples does not show on the t-suit, too! AND now, my low back pain is much better!! (I had spondylothesis; stress fracture on spine and sliding forward. I want to have this bra 25 years ago!!) TANK TOP STYLE HIGH Support SPORTS BRA makes me more active !!!

I talked with my friends about my sports bra story. No surprise, they are the same kind of problems about bras...And, I found out more serious problem of sports bra...

It is not only shapes and style...Yes, SIZE...

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