The 3 Best Sports Bra Brands for Plus Sized Woman

I didn't enough pay attention about my sports bra before, but it was big mistake. I hurts myself by Sports bra since I was indifferent it's style, shape & support levels. There are bunch of selection nowadays, so we could find whatever easily...

No, not for everyone...

I had hard time to find one because 36c or medium size is kinda popular size, so it is harder to find at store in particular style & color. And I want to have HIGH SUPPORT SPORTS BRA, but design is not so cute as yoga kind of sports bras (which are lower, I should not pick that for my activity unfortunately.)

I found out it is NOT just me and there are bunch of friends who had harder time than me to pick A sports bra... Plus Size SPORTS BRA...

I was curious what size is the biggest for my HIGH SUPPORT SPORTS BRA at local store, and it is only 40dd. My friend look for bigger size... I googled GOOD NEWS! The biggest size of sports bra and 50G from Glamorise brand sports bra, and 50DDD from Lane Bryant

Yey! my friend will find the one! WOW! They are cute!! Aggg! They are expensive!!!

oh wait, I found cheaper one here... oh no, one star, two stars... too small, not comfortable, hard to put on... not good reviews...Agggg!!!

Now I really see! It is hard to find one...

I don't know what is exactly check point for you, so I would like to make chart

Here are the sports bra brands that you will satisfied without waist your time & money!

1. Glamorise

SIZE and variety of style!!! High, medium support level is available. Good review from consumer. Comfortable if the size matched well. no bounce cami is around $40.

2. Champion

Well known brand for sports wear! They are affordable price. Target carries Champion brand sports wear (C9) and variety style of plus size sports bra & Sports wears (4X) are available! You can take a look at them at local store to make sure getting right size and quality.

3. Wacoal (Elomi)

Famous bra brand start making plus size bra!! It is very high quality sports bra. They are cost more than others, but comfortable and last a long time. Lift up and tack and hold side well, so you look slim !!

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