Different between 90th and 2016 about Food, Diet & Fat Weight

I was in college in late 90th, and then I go back to school in early 2010th. I took some nutrition classes at both times.

Food intake recommendations are differences between 1990th and 2010th. However, so many people (especially moms whom age around 40~60th) stay in the way 1990th.

I would like to write this topic because I see so many ladies buy at grocery store that we should avoid to put in your body.

Let's move on to 2020th nutrition!

Is your shopping cart like this? (full of process food!)

90th recommendation

reduce saturated fat and use trans-fat instead

use "lite", "Low", "Non" fat

Use corn, or canola oil

Use artificial sugar, drink Diet instead of regular

so many commercial, TV advertisement for process food

cooking show & magazine recipes use processed-food

More process food = easy & convenient for a busy family

Caned, frozen, microwave-ready food = longer shelf life so, we can stock = save money

Drink non-fat,1~2% milk, use fake eggs to reduce bad cholesterol

Newer recommendation

Eat Wholefood

Eat non-GMO or Organic

Cook at home from scratch

Get food from the local fresh market

Watch your portion size

So, what is in your shopping cart?

Learn more about Food & Nutrition at group fitness class.

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