3 Things to Dominate Type 2 Diabetes

There are a lot of studies & Journal report about type 2 diabetes.

And there are many magazines and website and saying

dieting, medicine, overweight….

Enough info to live with info. for T2DM. And it does not really sound easy for everyone.

We try to REVERSE Type 2 diabetes here!!! Not live with.

so Here is what we do to reverse Type 2 Diabetes

1. Modified Eating

2. Right Exercise

3. Mindfulness

Well, it sounds like the same as "live with" type 2 diabetes, but inside is different.

1. Eating


  • Avoid foods to make your body inflammation: process foods, high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oil etc.

  • Eat anti-inflammatory foods, green/orange fruits & vegetable, fresh foods, legumes, ginger, garlic, turmeric, and more!

  • Cut down overall fat. but eat good FAT(omega 3 fatty acid)

*no fad dieting

such as no sugar dieting, super low-calorie diet(<1200 kcal, long-term), eat only a few item diets, and/ or fasting

2. Exercise

  • LIFT and increase muscle mass

*Cardio exercise such as walking, stationary bike are good things to do, but it is difficult to REVERSE T2DM JUST doing CARDIO EXERCISE.

3. Mindfulness

  • Reduce stress in a healthier way such as hobbies, sleep, nap, exercise, or meditation.

*avoid bad way to control stress: smoke, emotional eating/drinking alcohol, drug abuse, or overdose medication.

You don't need to overwhelm. It impossible to reverse all at once for anyone. Be patient and go forward little bit at time! Consistency and perform are the key to success.

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