3 Reasons: Challenge Is NOT Showing Results

I tried challenge, but I don't feel any changing...WHY??? Is this really working???

You might doubt what you’re doing.

It happens. because...

Reason #1: We Try to Change little by little.

Lifestyle modification works naturally and we better try to implement new habit(s) little by little.

This is because if we change the things that you were doing decade into completely different things suddenly, you feel uncomfortable and want to quit the challenge too soon.

I want you to build a new good habit little by little, start from easy task for you, and I want you to find your pace, find something better for you, and you control your lifestyle. (Not lifestyle controls you!) It is takes time, but I know from my experience, this way works better.

This case, your challenge is not enough modified yet. Just, don’t give up yet. and Keep modifying at least 4 weeks, or 12 weeks for big changing that you /someone would notice. And you control it! Don't forget, YOU ARE THE BOSS.

Reason #2: Need Combination of changing

Your symptom(s) is not happen because of the one thing. Human body is complicated. (That is why we are awesome nature!!) We need combination of modifications to ease the symptom(s).

For example, Jane want to reduce unknown pain in her joints and bad headache. So, she try to cut of her sugar intake (Sugar is one of the cause of inflammation & pain). She did well to cut down sugar intake from previous diet, and she feels better. However, it was not completely off. she still had mild joint pain and headache.

We checked together again, and find out she skips breakfast a lot. She try to eat breakfast everyday, then her joint pain and afternoon headache are completely gone...

Reason #3; Your Challenge is Miss-matching With What You Want to Change.

For example, Ashley try to lose weight. And she try to eat balanced meals. She fixed it very well and feel a lot of better, and that was good challenge. However, She think, it was fail because she could not lose weight at all.

I found out while we were talking, she loves video game & texting with her game friends until late. She usually eat some good snacks & drinking wine during that game nights... A HA!

Well, she thought, wine is healthy and eating some "healthy" snacks: diet brand's chocolate bars. are okay...

Wine is good as antioxidant, but wine is alcohol that has calories, so you don't want to drink too much. "Healthy" snack? well if you eat whole bunch a lot, it is extra calories... End up with no weight changing for her.

So, she cut down eating extra snacks. She sometimes just want to go bed earlier because she start exercise! (Exercise brings her better quality of sleep. She sleeps deeper and feeling better in the morning which she loves it.) Guess what? She lost 10 lbs in 8 weeks after that!

So, those are the 3 biggest reasons. Do you have anything like that? Hope, you found out what you can do next.

If you don’t feel any change at all or if you’re STUCK. Don't give up yet. Keep think what you can do. If you are not sure your plan is good move or fad, or you feel really stuck. you are not alone! let's talk!

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