Chronic Injury and Fitness

Have you gave up playing sports or being active because of injury? I have.

I have diagnosed spondylolisthesis when I was 19 years old. It is overused injury, my vertebra is sliding forward because spars are stress fractured. Bone will not stick together again naturally. Discs also busted because of the pressure and irregular movement, and it is herniated. I had sciatica, nerve pain on my buttock area and sometimes I could not pick up my leg fast enough to run.

My Dr. said, I should not jump, twist, lift heavy or run. Also, he told me how to take care of my back, so I still can be active. However, I have to take care of my condition all the time, I mean all my life. otherwise I will have low back pain and/or sciatica all the time... Do I want to have the pain or miserable days again?? no way!! no thanks!!

There is no spare body. This is only one body. I have taken seriously and take care deep core stabilization and legs flexibility. I have pain only sometimes, but it had never been bad last 20 years. I also learned something new, (I wish I knew this 20 years ago, so I could avoid to get hurt my back.) Corrective exercise. It helped me a lot.

If you have old injury, or recurrent injury, and put your self on side line... Don't give up and don't neglect it. There is way to slow it down and eventually feel much better, and then you can be active again!! No more side effect from pain medication!

Don't controlled by injury. You control injury.

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