Yoga Effect for Reducing Stress & Body Weight

Have you done Yoga? Some studies found out "Stress" from life style is one of the cause of weight gain. Our body produce cortisol when we are under stress and it interrupt liver function and slows down to produce thyroid hormone which makes slowing down metabolism. Also, Cortisol react with enzyme in fat cell and make fat cells bigger, especially fat cells around tummy area... How do you take care of your stress? Go out and drink beer with your friends?? It is sound fun, but not good for your tummy area...

Yoga, especially Meditation is good for relaxation. Hummm...Yoga, I want to try yoga...but I'm not sure if I can do yoga because I'm not flexible and no balanced... Well, no worry. Even Mantra (expert person of yoga) through the mind once. Just take it easy and start!

JUST ONE MINUTE, CLOSE YOUR EYES, RELAX & TAKE A DEEP BREATH... MINDFULNESS , You will learn "how to do meditation". Meditation is good to reduce stress.

Also learn proper way of bracing technique for your core (make flat tummy), Break it down & modified "yoga pose" and learn right posture. Also you will see improvement of flexibility and balance pretty quick.

Would you like to try group class?

Correxe Fitness has "beginner Yoga time" for all group exercise class.

You can request Yoga & meditation for Personal training session! Why personal training?? because yoga also modified for your fitness level!

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