Trap #1. Lose Weight, then Gain Weight, & Repeat

Try new dieting method, lose weight then gain weight, REPEAT, AND THEN QUIT!

Are you in this trap?


Yes! You are in dieting trap...

Rebounding...this one is the super common trap. You are not alone.

There are some reasons why this one is common.

1. Dieting is too strict...such as only eat egg diet, only eat apple diet on SNS...

Yes, you will lose weight, but it make you big craving to eat !! and it is not going to last longer than one week. When you quit these kind of diet, you might gain weight really quick and maybe more than before...These dieting method call FAD Diet.

2. Only do one method, like "Dieting only, No physical activity" or "Just Exercise and no dieting."

Yes, you might lose weight, but it is limited. You will be tired because the number on the scale won't move. Again, you will gain weight when you quit.

So, What to do ? how can we prevent rebound??

Let's see, at first, what kind of dieting you are trying.

1. Before you try new method, think if you can keep doing it longer than 2 month.

If not, don't attempt it.

2, If you thought you could do it longer than a month, but if you does NOT make you feel healthier or feel some kind of negative symptoms show up... such as irritation, tiredness, headache, clumping...etc something is missing.

3, if you feel craving, it might be too much to cut off too soon. (start to cut off little bit at time)

4. Don't do fasting or "don't eat this" or "Eat only that" kind of Dieting methods

5. If you do Hinge eating? Are you really hungry? Emotional eating?maybe "reduce stress" is the solution to lose weight for you.

6. If the diet method that requires only a few kind of food to eat...It is FAD diet. not good for you.

7. taking diet pill and make your heart beat goes faster than normal or need to go bathroom too often. not good sign.

Next, if your diet is safe enough, Think about physical activity. Some study shows results that Combination of dieting and physical activity works better than single method.

There are bunch of activity you can try. Especially, combination of cardiovascular exercise and strength training are the good exercise. No gym necessary! Walk abound house or park. Use body weight for exercise! Start easy exercise, only 5 min/ day is good enough to start.

Better than you didn't do nothing, right??

If you have complicate condition, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, history of blood clot/stork or heart attack, consult with your physician before you start exercise, and get advice what to avoid. Some exercise are dangerous for your conditions.

We have personal training /small group exercise program to lose weight.

If you don't know what to do with, or you need hands, please contact


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