My mission is putting heart into guiding you to find out 

"Your Healthier & Happier Lifestyle". 

- Mami Shields

The Therapeutic Personal Trainer, & Health Coach

Fitness is for everyone!

What is "Personal Trainer" to you?

Someone who teaches exercise?

someone who makes you stronger?

someone who makes a program for losing weight? 

Yes, but that is not really me.


 I am a "Therapeutic" Personal Trainer:

Modified exercise and wellness coach for ladies who dealing with Joint pain, Type 2 Diabetes and/or High blood pressure. Helping rebuild a healthier lifestyle and make them feel better.

Yes! It is getting closer. but, it is still not complete yet...

My goal as a personal trainer is

My clients realize

the power of your body and the power of fitness.

(our body has amazing ability such as healing, and "fitness" helps to maintain and regulate our body system. )

How exercise & nutrition and a holistic approach; "fitness"

can maximize their health and quality of life, 

so that you be able to 

control your lifestyle, and

stay being well (physically & mentally) 
& reach to your goal


I will guide you to a goal!

 I'm happy to talk & 
find your "fitness" together!

Mami Shields MS. ATC. CPT.

  • NATA-BOC Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC)

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)

  • NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

  • FMS Functional Movement Specialist

  • ACE Weight Management Specialist

  • ACE Therapeutic Exercise Specialist

  • American Heart Association(AHA) BLS Certified Instructor

  • The University of Alabama, Adjunct Faculty of Athletic Training

Would you like to transform your body & lifestyle, AND feel better?

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